This is it……

It’s been a while since my last post, so apologies in advance as today I’ll be moaning/venting.

My family and I have recently returned to Athens following a visit to our family in Croatia….which is awesome by the way.  But the thing that strikes me the most and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world right now, is the pure lack of respect for our planet. We’re systematically destroying our only home. It’s heart breaking and disgraceful and we should all be ashamed. 

There are scientific organisations, religious groups and leadership, intelligent individuals and thousands of others around the world trying to educate us and the leaders of our countries and still…..we choose to ignore them. Apologies, let me rephrase that, our governments choose to ignore them. 

As a father and husband, as a Christian and lover of our race and planet…..I urge everyone to listen up and begin to take our share of the responsibility. It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense and moreover it’s respect for the planet we live on, for humanity and for every other species we share this world with. 

Have a great evening! 


My apologies for discussing this, but the fact that I am British means I can’t help it. 

Brexit….seriously….the UK has been a multi cultural and diverse group of countries for centuries. Okay, the empire was not a great idea, but the upside was for people like myself growing up in the UK around people from all over the world. And you know what, I loved it! 

Now the idiot sheep in the UK who listened to the lies that were spread during the campaign have turned into racist nut jobs. 75% of people in Britain come from family lines that stem from all around the world. 

I’ve always been proud to be British and English and to a point, European. But the way that the campaign was handled, the way that a large percentage of the voters responded and now the way that the government are handling the process is deeply disturbing and embarrassing. 

I’m part of a mixed European family, and I love the European culture in all its forms, but I always dreamed of bringing up my children in the UK with it’s history and traditions. But now I genuinely don’t feel that I can do that, to the point of moving to Greece to escape the stupidity. I don’t want my children to see what has happened. 

I truly hope that the government and people still in the UK sort this shit out and get back to the traditional way,the humour, pride in our country that we once had. 

I’m proud to call myself a Royalist, they are probably the only decent thing left right now and maybe we’ll take their lead and become British again! 

Rant over…..